Magic Winter Guard “Three-Peat”

Magic of Scout House winter guard ‘three-peats’
as North East Color Guard Circuit champions

Magic of Scout House competitive winter guard crowned another undefeated season by winning the North East Color Guard Circuit (NECGC) senior division championship contest in Brockport, New York on April 2, for the third year in a row. Magic scored 77.650 to finish comfortably ahead of second place Lakeside guard with 71.650 and Geneseo with 64.100.

Magic’s undefeated streak stretches back three full seasons to the guard’s first-ever contest in Orchard Park, New York in January 2015. In 2016, Magic of Scout House also won the first-ever NECGC Showmanship Effectiveness Award. NECGC includes units from across southern Ontario and upstate New York. The guard, which received an enthusiastic standing ovation for its championship performance, is widely admired throughout NECGC for serving as a role model for the much younger members of other units.

The music of Magic’s 2017 show was Ballroom Blitz, by The Sweet, a very fast paced show that provided fun for both the audience and guard members. The Sweet was a British glam-rock band formed in London in 1968, becoming world famous in the 1970s. The band recorded 13 top 20 hits in the 1970s as their sound evolved into a hard rock style notable for high pitched backing vocals. Ballroom Blitz was one of three consecutive number 2 hits.

The 2017 Magic staff included Chris Bradshaw, who has served as director since first rehearsals began in autumn 2014. Craig Raymond, also heavily involved since the beginning, was in charge of program design and also served as staff coordinator. Instructors included Danielle Beckingham and Nadine Howell. Rehearsals for the 2017 autumn and Christmas season parades and the 2018 contest season will begin in late September or early October.

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