The Silver Leaves Brass Ensemble

Silver Leaves Brass EnsembleThe Silver Leaves brass ensemble is made up primarily of players from the horn line. It is one of five Scout House Band Inc. member groups. The ensemble, which performs a different repertoire than the full band, is available for special events which include the Great Alliance of Seniors (GAS) annual reunions, Scout House Tattoo, select corporate celebrations, sports events, concerts and private gatherings

The Silver Leaves brass ensemble first performed in December 2003 during Christmas celebrations at Galt Royal Canadian Legion Branch 121 and a Christmas Carol songfest in Galt market square. The Silver Leaves have performed regularly at the GAS annual reunions since 2005. The 2016 ensemble repertoire includes the Muppet Show Theme Song, Gospel John, Sweet Caroline, Hooked on a Feeling, Canadian Sunset, Instant Concert, One Fine Morning.

The Muppet Show Theme Song was the opening number on the popular puppet television series performed by the Muppet orchestra: Crazy Harry on triangle, Zoot on sax, Animal on drums, Rowlf on piano with Trumpet Girl and conductor Nigel performing in the pit. The current Muppet show features Miss Piggy in a parody production of a fictional late night talk show.

Gospel John, a powerful song with a call and response feature was written by American composer Jeff Steinberg. Renowned Canadian trumpet player Maynard Ferguson’s version of Gospel John featured a high range introduction that brought to mind a passionate preacher appealing to the congregation. Steinberg has created many original scores for film, television and advertising campaigns. He also toured the world with the Glenn Miller Orchestra in the 1970s when it was under the direction of Buddy DeFranco.

Sweet Caroline became a platinum hit for writer and singer Neil Diamond, selling more than a million single records after being introduced in 1969 and more recently two million digital downloads in the United States alone. Many professional sports teams feature Sweet Caroline during games, most notably the Boston Red Sox before the eighth inning of home games.

Hooked On A Feeling has had several revivals in movie and television soundtracks, serving as a symbol of 1970s culture. Many television viewers recall it from the dancing baby sequences on the Ally McBeal television show. It received another sales boost a few years ago after being featured in the film Guardians of the Galaxy. Toronto Blue Jays used the song in a 2015 television commercial that focussed on newly acquired players David Price and Troy Tulowitzki. It’s also played in the stadium before the eighth inning of Blue Jay home games.

Canadian Sunset, written by pianist Eddie Heywood and lyricist Norman Gimble, has become a jazz standard since its introduction in 1956, performed in various styles by such well known musicians as guitarist Wes Montgomery, pianist Floyd Cramer, organ player Earl Grant, singers Andy Williams, Sam Cooke and Dean Martin. Canada’s Marching Ambassadors senior drum and bugle corps featured the song in late 1950s field shows as part of an “around the world” music theme.

Instant Concert is an appealing novelty number played by stage and concert bands across North America. Conductors often challenge audiences to count how many of the 30 melodies they recognize during the three-minute arrangement. There are segments of 30 separate well-known marches, folk songs, symphony and opera themes and folk songs.

One Fine Morning is the title track from a 1971 album by Canadian band Lighthouse, co-founded in 1968 by former Preston Scout House Band snare drummer Ron ‘Skip’ Prokop and keyboard player Paul Hoffert. Lighthouse was unique in Canadian music circles, combining a rock style rhythm section, jazz horns and classical strings. During its heyday, Lighthouse performed at Carnegie Hall, Atlantic City Pop Festival, Monterey and Newport Jazz Festivals, Isle of Wight Festival and Strawberry Fields Forever Festival. Lighthouse won Juno Awards for best Canadian group of the year in 1972, 1973 and 1974.

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