Membership: requirements and benefits

Membership requirements are outlined in detail in the Preston Scout House Band Inc. bylaws.  The stipulations are typical of most volunteer organizations.

Members agree to adhere to the constitution of Preston Scout House Band Inc., the incorporated non-profit organization that acts as an umbrella for all activities conducted under the Scout House name.

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner, showing respect for others and those in positions of authority.  Respectful public deportment is expected to help uphold the esteem of the Scout House image.

New marching members should expect to participate in areas suitable to their abilities and give proper care to uniforms and equipment.  Regular attendance at rehearsals and performances is expected.  Participation in high profile events is a rewarding aspect of Scout House participation.

In return for meeting membership requirements, members enjoy benefits, including top scale music / marching / performance training; instruments and uniforms.

The sense of fellowship developed through regular contact and special social events is an important aspect of membership.  Members, who range in age from 10 to their 70s and more, come from more than 20 communities across southern Ontario and beyond and some have had previous association with more than 70 marching / music organizations.

There are health benefits that flow from making music and marching regularly.

Scout House membership, either as a performing member or working behind the scenes, offers many opportunities to make new friends who share a common interest.

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